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Thatching Info is the brainchild of retired thatcher Graham Cook. Graham is in the process of writing a book about thatching, and in the first instance he wanted a website he could point prospective publishers to. As it happens, Graham’s site has become an invaluable source of information for anyone interested in the history and art of thatching and is visited  by huge numbers of people from all around the world. Graham has really made this website his own, expanding it to over a hundred pages. I also created a title splash image using a beautiful photograph taken by Graham. Click the ‘See It Live‘ button to see the website out in the wild…

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A crucial part of designing this website for me, was to future-proof it so that as Graham expanded it with new chapters, it would be able to accommodate them without additional code — in particular, the navigation system had to be robust and easily extendable, whilst remaining intuitive and clear.

If you visit the site, you’ll notice when you hover over a menu item, below it a secondary list of sub-pages appear and these scroll up the page as you scroll down the list. This system enables Graham to add new chapters and pages as he needs to, without worrying about whether there will be enough room in the main menu to accommodate them.

All hats off to Graham for how he’s expanded the website, and made it the wonderful resource that it has become.

Here’s what Graham said about my work:

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say how happy I am with the way Digiwool have set up my website. Not only have you set up my site in a very professional and friendly manner and at a reasonable cost; you have also taken the time to teach me enough to expand the site; helping me out very quickly, on several occasions.”
Graham Cook, Thatching Info