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Swansfoot Limited is a local Sherborne business which has two arms to its operation: as a fine wine importer and I.T. consultancy, two very different trades — so creating an over-arching brand identity presented an exciting challenge. Swansfoot’s logo and website design process was good fun but I produced some serious results! Click the ‘See It Live‘ button to see the website and logo out in the wild…

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Swansfoot's Website and Logo Design by DigiwoolSwansfoot Business & IT Consultancy Website Design by DigiwoolSwansfoot Fine Wines Website Design by DigiwoolSwansfoot The Team Website Design by DigiwoolSwansfoot Team Member Website Design by DigiwoolSwansfoot Contact Page Website Design by DigiwoolSwansfoot Logo Design by DigiwoolSwansfoot Blue & Gold Logo Design by DigiwoolSwansfoot Letterhead, Business Card & Compliments Slip Design by Digiwool

Swansfoot Horizontal Logo Design by Digiwool

Swansfoot Stacked Logo Design by Digiwool Web DesignSwansfoot are based in Charlton Horethorne in Sherborne so they naturally came to Digiwool Web Design Sherborne for their design work, and I’m very glad they did — the whole working process was a joy.

As well as the logo and business stationery assets, I designed and built an elegant and responsive website.

The logo consists of a swan in a crest-like shield to suggest heritage but which also discreetly evokes a wine glass. The wing of the swan suggests the ripples in a lake or in wine. The wordmark shows the letter ‘A’ and ‘T’ with their descenders below the baseline which alludes to the hardwork the swan does beneath the surface in order to gracefully move forward. The inter-linked letter ‘O’s again allude to heritage (it is an old ligature) but also to suggest ‘connectedness’ and close working relationships.

A substantial project like this, where I have designed the brand identity from the ground up, benefits from having a set of brand guidelines. These give detailed recommendations on how to apply the brand assets for consistency in the business’s communications. The Swansfoot guidelines amounted to a 44 page document and is a beautiful thing in itself.

I think Swansfoot’s logo and website design is something to be proud of. It’s the most often mentioned branding and website design out of all of my projects when clients are mentioning work on the Digiwool site.

And here’s what John and Dorian Evered of Swansfoot Ltd said about us:

“Matt Saunders combines his creative skills with being reliable and knowledgeable.  All work is carried out in a most professional manner.”
John & Dorian Evered, Swansfoot