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Solusvreba is an exploration and adventure management company based in Somerset. They approached Digiwool for a logo design and brand identity with integrity and class to cement their position as a top-of-their-field organisation. I designed a logo that incorporated a lion, wolf, and two foxes and I’m very proud of it! Click the ‘See It Live‘ button to see the branding and logo design out in the wild…

Solusvreba — Logo Design DorsetSolusvreba Logo Design Dorset on Jade MountainsSolusvreba Logo Design Dorset on HuskiesSolusvreba Logo Design Dorset TrekSolusvreba Logo Design Dorset Ice JeepSolusvreba Logo Design Dorset Martin HartleySolusvreba Business Card Design Dorset FrontSolusvreba Business Card Design Sherborne Reverse

Solusvreba — Logo & Branding Design Dorset

Solusvreba is run by marketing expert Rebecca Hughes, and was set-up to manage the day-to-day affairs of explorers and adventurers. The business is home to some of the world’s greatest explorers and humans of immense strength and courage, including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Pen Hadow and Rosie Stancer. When I was given the brief for Solusvreba, I was besides myself with excitement. I love the outdoors (almost as much as my sofa!).

The emblem I drew for Solusvreba consists of four animals and is in the form of the letter ‘S’. It represents the animal nature innate in all of us. Almost all ancient cultures celebrated the animal spirits that humans feel deeply akin to; from the Mesopotanians to the Native American Indians; from Pagans across the globe to the rampaging Vikings. The Solusvreba logo design represents these wild spirits. The lion evokes astounding human courage and strength — the ‘brave’ in Brave Souls (an anagram of Solusvreba); the wolf-dragon exudes wildness, freedom, mystery, cunning and intelligence; the two play-fighting foxes show camaraderie, fieriness and fighting spirit — the ‘V’ in SolusVreba for ‘Versus’; and they are all working in dependent synchronicity, just like in the natural world, to form a united, dynamic wildness in forming the initial ‘S’. Wild, free, curious and extraordinarily brave, just like the inspiring people Solusvreba represents. I designed the logo, master brand, slogan and stationery. The fabulous photography is by world renowned photographer Martin Hartley — ©Martin Hartley Photography.