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Photorganised is a personal photograph organiser company run by Ian Killick, based in Crewkerne. Ian needed a complete brand identity system that could be used across varied media, including photo albums, vehicle livery, the website, and even a cycling jersey! Photorganised’s logo and website design project was a big undertaking and I enjoyed every minute — the opportunity to brand such a unique business from the ground up was a real joy. Click the ‘See it Live‘ button to see the website and logo out in the wild…

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Photorganised's Logo and Website DesignPhotorganised Why Use Us Page, Website Design by Digiwool SherbornePhotorganised Contact Page Design by Digiwool Web DesignPhotorganised Servicest Page Design by Digiwool Web DesignPhotorganised Logo Design by Digiwool SherbornePhotorganised Camera Icon Design by DigiwoolPhotorganised Camera Version 2 Icon Design by DigiwoolPhotorganised Horizontal Logo Design by DigiwoolPhotorganised Business Card Design by DigiwoolPhotorganised Business Card Reverse Design by Digiwool

Photorganised Stacked Logo Design by DigiwoolDigiwool created a number of logo variations which could be used in different contexts across the website and print media. I also designed the icons for the website and the business stationery.

There are three different folder icons, one with Ian’s face, one with a camera, and one with a camera built into a letter ‘P’ for Photorganised. These give the brand system real flexibility and we’ve used them for different contexts and applications as appropriate.

I also designed six more icons, one for each service that Photorganised offers — Transfer, Organise, Edit, Create, BackUp and Advice.

I am very proud of our work I did for Photorganised’s logo and website design project and look forward to continuing to work with Ian again as he expands his business.

Here’s what Ian said about working with Digiwool:

“A big thank you to Matthew at Digiwool for taking my start-up business seriously and designing professional branding and website at an affordable price. Matthew was personable, approachable, reliable and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I will continue to use Digiwool for further design work and web hosting and I would seriously recommend them to anyone.”Ian Killick, Photorganised