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Elegant Logo Design

I’ve been designing logos and branding for more than thirty years. I can make your business stand out amongst your competitors by creating a world-class logo that speaks effectively to your customer demographic. With Google being so crucial to growing the customer base of small businesses, having a great logo and branding is a very powerful way of standing head and shoulders above the crowd and getting potential new customers to notice you.

Digiwool Orange Sheep Logo Design Looking Right

I work closely with my clients to create bespoke, perfectly tailored logos and branding. And all of my logos are designed to encapsulate the essence of your business and to contain intelligence, geometry and meaning which will pull your customers in and make their minds open to whatever message you want to communicate to them.

I can supply either a logo design on its own; a logo plus designs for business stationery; or a complete branding package that includes the logo, website, brand guidelines, business stationery and any other marketing materials you may need. I’ll work with you to tailor exactly the branding items you need.

So What’s the Logo Design Process?

Once you have your business name and a strong idea who the people are that you need to reach and communicate your message to, get in touch using the Contact page and tell me all about your plans and ideas.

Following this, I’ll contact you for a chat and send you a ‘brand identity’ questionnaire, which quizzes you about the type of logo design you’re looking for, who your competitors are, who your audience is, your ideas etc.

I’ll then do research into your industry and competitors, make some mind-maps, sketch out some ideas using pencil and paper (yes really!), before taking the cream of those ideas to the computer. Then I’ll work up the ideas digitally and present you with a selection of the best three.

Swansfoot - Logo Design SherborneMacAngus Designs Horizontal Logo Design by Digiwool SherborneThe Dining Room Logo - Logo Design Sherborne

Where Can I Use My Logo?

You can use my logo designs anywhere, from computer screens and business stationery to enormous building signage.  And that’s because my logos are made using a format called ‘vector’ which means they can be resized to billboard size (or as large as you need) and still retain perfect resolution. So they’re as at home on a tiny mobile phone screen, 70″ plasma screens, in websites or letterheads, Microsoft Office software or  embroidered on industrial work wear. I’ll supply the logos to you in easy-to-use “jpeg” format in a variety of useful sizes.

For logo design Sherborne, Digiwool is the place! Here’s a selection of my logo designs:

Mad Dogs Logo

Storage Barn Logo

Charlton Horethorne Community Land Trust Logo

For Logo Design Sherborne — Digiwool is your perfectly sheepish solution!

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