About Digiwool Web Design Sherborne

Everything you ever wanted to know about Digiwool Web Design (except the really juicy bits).

Sheep Logo Design by Digiwool Web Design SherborneDigiwool was newly created in the summer of 2017, but it’s actually a business with some longer heritage, being a rebrand of its original incarnation, Theory Unit. I’m Matthew Saunders, chief designer and founder of Theory Unit, and 2017 felt like the right time to rebrand and switch to a strong and fun brand identity — and so it had to be something close to my heart — sheep. In rural Sherborne Dorset, and more specifically Charlton Horethorne, we are surrounded by fields of sheep, and as I write this, bouncing and flouncing lambs. Cutest baby animals ever really aren’t they? So it came to pass, shortly after lambing-season, Digiwool Web Design Sherborne was born.

I LOVE my work. I LOVE designing beautiful websites and super-sharp and effective logos. And best of all, I LOVE working with my clients, helping them turn their fledgling ideas at the start of the project into a fully functioning successful business / venture. And my work doesn't stop there, as your business grows, I'll be right along with you, expanding your website, designing your print collateral and advertisements, enhancing your social media presence and anything else you might need from me in the visual, online and brand department.

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What and Who is Digiwool?

Digiwool is a multi-disciplined creative outfit specialising in effective and stunning web design and brand identity. My studio is situated in Charlton Horethorne in Sherborne, Dorset, and it’s flippin’ lovely here. All the work here is undertaken by myself from writing the quote, to the final product so you get a super-personalised service. I studied Fine Art and the Graphic Arts at degree level and have been designing for more than thirty years. My work has been featured on international publication websites such as German book publisher Gestalten and in print in magazines such as The Wire, Shindig, Mojo and Electronic Sound.

Matthew Saunders

Chief Designer / Head Shepherd

The Gang

These guys run the place really

Web Design

Whichever sector you operate in — retail, services, charity, the arts, education, you name it — a Digiwool website will help you increase your client reach. And because my designs are eye-catching and the navigation is elegant and intuitive, potential clients are more likely to be drawn in, to stay onsite, to view more pages, become more engaged with what you’re offering and ultimately, in the long term, become loyal visitors.

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e-Commerce websites, or put more simply, 'online shops', are the dream of many a budding entrepreneur. I use the Woocommerce engine to drive the payment side of my webshops which makes the process really simple for the customer, and importantly, super-simple for you to administer. I provide all the training you'll need to run your e-commerce site, from updating existing products, to creating new ones.

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Need a sharp looking logo? A jaw-dropping 'look'? I LOVE creating logos and I LOVE creating strong brand identities. A consistent visual brand will grab people's attention and when it really talks to them, it'll engender trust and integrity, familiarity and reliability — all crucial positive thoughts to help turn your potential clients into loyal clients.

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Graphic Design

Smart business stationery makes you look professional and organised. And concise and elegant visual communications across the board are crucial if you want to make an impact on your current or potential customer base. From brochures, to adverts, business cards, billboards, vehicle livery, price-lists, menus …whatever you need, I've got you covered.

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What’s the process?

1 Once you have a strong idea about what you need from your website or brand, drop me an email or use the contact form to tell me all about it. Or if your idea isn't fully formed yet, I can work with you to turn it into something solid, just let me know what you're thinking.

2 For web design, I'll give you a range of theme options to choose from, alternatively we can create a bespoke, from-scratch-design too. For logo design, I'll work with you to hone your ideas and then work up some clean and effective options for you to choose from.

3 Once your website is live, I'll meet with you and train you in how to update, add to and make the most of your new online presence. Or I can update the site for you for a small fee. All print and screen versions of your logo will be delivered in various useful sizes and formats.