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808Hz Mastering is an audio mastering studio in the South West preparing albums, singles and EPs for commercial release (and of course, making them sound wonderful and airy). Most of 808Hz’s work is undertaken online as their clients are based not just in the UK but right around the globe. So it was really important the website is eye-catching, unique and above all, very usable. I packed it full of useful information which is great for Search Engine Optimisation, whilst keeping the design open and fresh. 808Hz’s logo and website design project was fun and I love the results. Click the ‘See It Live‘ button to see the website and logo out in the wild…

See it Live!

808Hz's Logo and Website Design808Hz Mastering How Does it Work Page, Website by Digiwool808Hz Mastering What is Online Mastering Page, Website by Digiwool808Hz Mastering About Us Page, Website by Digiwool808Hz Mastering Blog Page, Website by Digiwool808Hz Mastering Contact Page, Website by Digiwool808Hz Mastering Logo Design by Digiwool808Hz Mastering Logo Compliments Slip Design by Digiwool

808Hz Mastering Logo on White Design by DigiwoolThe project required a logo and branding, a brochure website and business stationery. The idea was to use a typeface that had been used by an iconic band or film in the past, and the font ‘Lady Starlight’ was perfect, having been used as the wordmark for the film ‘Rollerball’, and for the logo of the band, ‘The Scorpions’.

I designed some bespoke imagery for the website backgrounds and the compliments slip, making good use of some winding sine waves. I included a blog too which can help improve your search rankings in Google searches (and other search engines of course).

I went to town on 808Hz’s logo and website design to make it really stand out and be unique. I even made an animated gif at 808Hz’s request — if you wait long enough, you’ll see the 808Hz logo flashes with electricity. Animated images is something I am very happy to undertake, so if you would like one, just let me know! They can really add to a website and grab visitor’s attention — not many websites take advantage of them but they are definite winners in our book.